Toolbox to attract individual investors

Designing tools for housing organizations to reach new investors

A national housing organization wanted to help its member/affiliates to attract more capital from private individuals, so they could reduce their heavy dependence on money from banks, foundations and the government. As a first step the housing organization asked us to scan to identify all the components of an impact investment program for a housing organization. In essence this was the scope of the work for the full development of an impact investing “toolbox” for local housing organizations.

We proposed that the first step was to understand exactly how private capital can best fit into housing capital stacks, given the other sources of capital already available. With this knowledge, housing organizations could structure good investment vehicles, choose appropriate target investors and prepare solid and effective securities offerings. All of those actions could be supported by product structuring and marketing tools. Finally, we described the tools housing organizations would need to manage and support their investors once on board.

Much more work could be built upon the initial framework that this project outlined. It was very revealing to examine c

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