Your money can be put to work in affordable housing, businesses, and local projects that really matter to a community. I help make those investments happen.

I help individuals, advisors and foundations make community investments. We can scope a prospective portfolio so you can see what is possible. Or, we can put actual deals together. I also write, research and manage projects that solve community investment barriers and grow the practice. I frequently work with The Giving Practice, where I am a Senior Advisor.
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As president of Montana Community Development Corporation I helped build a $62 million alternative financial institution that invests in small businesses and local real estate projects. I was educated in forestry, and have experience with family farm organizing, business consulting for women on public assistance, sustainable timber manufacturing, and affordable housing acquisition. The common thread is my belief that money can be a force for good in the lives of people and the health of the ecosystem.
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Thinking & Writing

  • Connecting CDFIs and Socially Responsible Investors (2010) (pdf)
  • How to Increase Socially Responsible Investment in CDFIs (2011) (pdf)
  • Options & Innovations in Community Investing: A Report From the Field (2012) (pdf)
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    What's in a deal?

    We wheeled and dealed. We gained and lost. We weaseled out ... read more.


I am located in Missoula, Montana. Your inquiries are welcome: